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"An astonishing teacher-produced site which continues to out perform any of the major educational publishers' offerings in terms of creativity, relevance and geographical rigour. A subscription to the site is an absolute bargain for any school, whether following IB DP Geography or not. The future of geography is bright, and this site will take you all the way..." Alan Parkinson, Author and Freelance Geographer

"The definitive go-to geography resource containing a comprehensive array of materials to enhance any geography lesson" David Rogers

"Whenever I meet someone who is using the International Baccalaureate in geography I always say that they must use - an absolute must as it is a source of ideas based on experience of curriculum planning and classroom practice." Margaret Roberts, Author of 'Learning Through Enquiry: Making sense of geography in the key stage 3 classroom'

"Richard's resources live up to its name - they really DO go all the way to provide in-depth education but also a breadth of content knowledge and foster skills in the geographic perspective from the local to global scale." Joseph Kerski, Ph.D. Geographer and Education Industry Curriculum Development Manager ESRI

"An incredibly useful resource for teaching Geography." Dr Ewan Laurie

"The best off-the-shelf lesson planning resource that I have ever used." Peter Price, Head of Geography, Charterhouse

"The online geography textbook that never goes out of date!" Matt Podbury, Head of Geography, International School of Toulouse

" has been absolutely invaluable for myself and my students - who just received some excellent results in Geography!" Barry Hobday, Head of Geography, St Christophers School, Bahrain

"A fantastic website with current, interesting and varied resources. We use it for all year groups but most frequently look at the IB section for ideas and multimedia resources. I can honestly say it has helped make my lessons a lot more interesting and made my work load easier!" Nikki Adelaide, Head of Geography, St Andrews Scots School, Buenos Aires


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Written about in the Guardian newspaper in an article called "A world in a grain of sand":

" has pictures, animations and worksheets on erosion, longshore drift and deposition ( Encourage students to make educational postcards, labeling coastal features such as stacks, headlands, erosion and groynes. The site has a great mystery activity: students can investigate the disappearance of a Devon village (" on facebook
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