geographyalltheway Educator Support Area

Disclaimer - We are in the early stages of this project. It will evolve as the educators involved make demands upon it. We are aiming for an online space that supports educators that are part of a Whole School geographyalltheway subscription.

Educator Support Area

What are the aims of the Educator Support Area?

  • To have a text-based digital space that acts as a support area.
  • To offer more significant support for educators who are part of a Whole School Subscription.
  • To share resources that educators will find helpful but are counterproductive to host publicly - such as assessments and quizzes.
  • To answer questions about the course content on geographyalltheway and the demands of the DP Geography course.
  • To build a mini-community of geography educators that use
Educator Support Area

Where is the Educator Support Area?

This is a rather geographical question! The Educator Support Area will be on a digital platform called Discord. Discord used to be a place used mainly by gamers but has matured to be a space used by many online support communities.

I would recommend that you watch this short (2 minutes and 25 seconds) video about Discord - it helps explain what it is all about.

Short explainer video

[27 October 2020]

What do I need to use to access Discord?

You can access Discord via a browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) or download a dedicated app (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android).


Get Discord for any device

Educator Support Area

How do I gain access to the Educator Support Area?

To gain access to the geographyalltheway Educator Support Area on Discord, send me a quick email, and I will reply with the link that you need to follow.