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We would like to recommend you do at least two of these.


Sit back and listen to some podcasts

The app categorises 200+ podcast episodes by the sections of the IB DP Geography course.

We recommend that you find a podcast producer you like and listen to several episodes from them - to take this opportunity to listen to a wide range of 'Geographical' topics. Use the app to find podcasts from →

  • BBC World Service - The Inquiry
  • BBC World Service - People fixing the world
  • BBC Radio 4 - More or Less
  • BBC World Service - 50 Things that made the modern economy

Main course

Main courses

We would like to recommend you do one or two of these.


Read or listen to a good 'Geography' book

Take this opportunity to read a book with plenty of 'Geography'. It will help you to synthesise the content of the course and to develop those extended (essay style) answers. Here are our suggestions →

If you haven't yet, now is the time to read or listen to Factfulness. Your Theory of Knowledge teacher will thank you too! You could order a paper copy, download it for Kindle (or similar) or listen to it via a service such as Audible. There is no need to read it in English if you do not want to - it is available in 13 languages.


Write the first draft of your Extended Essay

Extended Essay

All of you... not just those of you who were sensible enough to do a Geography Extended Essay should be writing a top-quality first draft during the summer break.



We would like to recommend you do as many of these as you want to.


Netflix and ... learn some Geography


There are many recently produced geographical documentaries on Netflix - even if they don't call them 'Geography'! Here are our suggested series and episodes →

  • Rotten
    • S2 - The Avocado War [Freshwater + Unit 3]
    • S2 - A Sweet Deal [Freshwater]
  • Explained
    • S1 - The World's Water Crisis [Freshwater]
    • S1 - Why Women Are Paid Less [Unit 1]
    • S1 - K-Pop [Unit 5]
    • S2 - The Future of Meat [Food and Health]
  • History 101 (worst name ever!)
    • S1 - Fast Food [Food and Health]
    • S1 - The Rise of China [Unit 4]
    • S1 - Plastics [Unit 3]
    • S1 - Oil and the Middle East [Unit 3]
    • S1 - Nuclear Power [Unit 2]

Follow some 'useful' Instagram accounts

In an effort to get a little Geography into your life on a daily basis - to keep those case studies and concepts knocking around your mind - follow some 'useful' social media accounts.

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