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***** - a true 5 star establishment... better than most other geography offerings!

Ms Mart - Author of, Head of Individuals and Societies, Campus des Nations



We would like to recommend you might like to do at least two of these.


Listen to some podcasts

#ibgeog Podcasts categorised 200+ podcast episodes by the sections of the IB DP Geography course. You can access the app online or can 'install' it on your smartphone by scanning this QR code:

#ibgeog Podcasts QR Code

Recommended podcast episodes which link to topics recently covered:

Main course

Main courses

We would like to recommend you might like to do two or three of these.


Pre-reading for the next units

Chancer - Bryan Ledgard
Carbon Visuals

After Spring Break we will be completing 1.3 Challenges and opportunities and starting 2.1 Causes of global climate change. Use this opportunity to get a bit of a head start with some reading related to the topics and concepts we will be covering. Recommended reading:


Read or listen to a book


If you haven't yet, now is the time to read or listen to Factfulness. You could order a paper copy, download it for Kindle (or similar) or listen to it via a service such as Audible. There is no need to read it in English if you do not want to - it is available in 30 languages.

If you have read Factfulness already - may we suggest the following:


Work on your Geography Extended Essay

Extended Essay

For all of you who were sensible enough to do a Geography Extended Essay - how about using some of the additional 'time' you have due to the lockdown to get ahead with your research. You should have confirmed your research question so now is time to start working on your outline.



We would like to recommend you might like to do as many of these as you want to.


Netflix and ... learn some Geography

If you have access to Netflix and if the series is available to you - watch ROTTEN. Series 2 in particularly good for IB DP Geography.


Watch some documentaries on YouTube

[Playlist link]

If you have any recommendations for other documentaries on YouTube - please let us know.


Follow some 'useful' social media


  • geog.alltheway - geographyalltheway's Instagram account
  • who - World Health Organization
  • natgeo - Experience the world through the eyes of National Geographic photographers.
  • greenpeaceuk - Greenpeace UK

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