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1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak Case Study

The aim of this lesson is to build a detailed geographical case study of the 1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak. The case study will be based upon the 5 W's structure: Where, When, Why, Who, What.
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Where did it happen?

Where did it happen?

United States of America

Task One

Stick the map of the United States of America into your exercise book and then shade and label the state of Oklahoma.
Oklahoma State map

Task Two

Stick the map of the state of Oklahoma into your exercise book. Use the map below to shade upon your map the counties that were affected by tornados. Click on the map below to see a larger version.
1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak Map
When did it happened?

When did it happened?

May 3-6 1999

Task Three

Add the date to your case study.
Why did it happen?

Why did it happen?


Task Four

Add a 'Why did it happen' sub heading. Use the video clip above and the notes you made during the Tornadoes - What and Why? lesson to describe why these tornados formed.
Who was affected by it happening?

Who was affected by it happening?

New York Times
  FURY ON THE PLAINS: THE OVERVIEW; Oklahoma and Kansas Dig Out From Tornado Ruins
  1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak

Task Five

Produce a SEEP consequences table - a table with four columns - Social | Economic | Environmental | Political. Work through the two sources above adding notes into the correct columns in your consequences table.
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What happened?


Task Six

Under the sub heading 'What happened?' produce a one paragraph summary of the 1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak.
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Task Seven

Produce a diagram to show how you would incorporate a tornado shelter into where you live. What would you keep in the shelter? on facebook
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