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Where is the hottest inhabited place on earth?
The answer according to Wikipedia is ... click here.
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Something to think about ...

Something to think about ...

How long does it have to be 'hot' for before it becomes a heatwave? Some suggestions and official definitions can be found here.
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MYP Aims and Objectives

  • Skills: To develop skills of note taking from video and/or written sources.
  • Knowledge: to gain knowledge about the 2003 European Heatwave.

The 2003 European Heat Wave

Richard Allaway wrote a study guide to accompany a National Geographic documentary called "Six Degrees Could Change the World". The study guide is intended to focus the content of the documentary for GCSE and AS/A2 level Geography students.
Canicule Europe 2003
Change of temperature in Europe from the average.

Task One: Note Taking

Split a piece of paper/page of your notebook into 5 rows. Label the rows - What, Where, Why, When, Who. You will watch two video clips about the 2003 European Heatwave. While watching you need to add as many notes as possible under the What, Where, Why, When, Who subheadings.
Geography Activities

What is a heatwave?

Where did it happen?

Where did it happen? note any locations mentioned

Why did it happen?

Why did it happen? Why did it affect so many people?

When did it happened?

When did it happen?

Who was affected by it happening?

Who was affected by it happening? Was one group of people affected more than another? What was the death toll?

You could develop your notes by reading the 2003 European Heatwave Wikipedia article.
Geography ResourceText-based version of this exercise: Information Sheet | Tasksheet

Task Two - Disaster Prevention

French Heatwave Education Poster
Heatwave Advice
Produce a poster that educates people about one way of looking after yourself and others during a 'heatwave'. Posters that achieve the highest levels will described why it is important to take the precautions.
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Using your knowledge and understanding to take the "Twitter Challenge":

What is Twitter? Watch this YouTube Clip for an explanation.
In 140 characters or less describe the key features of the 2003 European Heatwave on facebook
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