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You work for a major travel agents.

A travel agent's job is to sell the correct holiday package to the customer. That package could include flights, hotel and activities.

Your task is to sell your teacher/educator a holiday to a Less Economically Developed Country.

Stage 1

You have 5 minutes to discuss the task with your team mates and then you will be able to ask your teacher 4 questions about the sort of holiday they would like. Your teacher will only answer 'Yes' or 'No' to your questions.

Stage 2

As a team, you need to produce a single A4 sheet detailing the holiday that your travel agency is suggesting.

Your A4 sheet should be split into:

  • The destination (name, map, description)
  • The most direct flights from your teacher's chosen airport of departure [flight timings and price are not important]
  • Two accommodation options [again - price is not important]
  • A selection of suggested activities - tailored to your teachers requirements
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Which of the groups do you think has produced the best suggested holiday experience, tailored to the requirements of the teacher/educator, to a Less Economically Developed Country? on facebook
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