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The Grand Tour

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The tradition of the Grand Tour was started in 1608 by an intrepid but down-at-the-heels English courtier named Thomas Coryate, who walked across Europe, miraculously managed to return home in one piece, and wrote a book about his bawdy misadventures. [Source]
Grand Tour [ Geography] | Grand Tour [Wikipedia] | Coryat's Crudities [ebook]
What was the 'Grand Tour' all about? What was it's aim?
Geography Activities


Geography Activities

Google Earth Skills

  • Can you recall the three panes? Search, Places and Layers
  • Can you demonstrate adding a Placemark?
  • Can you demonstrate naming a placemark, choosing an icon and adding a description?
  • Can you demonstrate adding a folder to the Places pane?
  • Can you construct a folder of organized placemarks?
  • Can you recall the steps needed to play a tour?
  • Can you demonstrate sharing a folder of placemarks?
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task - A Modern Day Grand Tour

Suggest a modern day alternative to the 'original' Grand Tour.

The tour's aim must be to 'broaden the horizons and learn language, architecture, geography and culture'.

It should be a single Google Earth folder holding names and described placemarks.

Geography Review


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