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Think about how difficult it is to evacuate your school for a fire drill. How difficult must it be to evacuate a town or part of a town due to a tectonic hazard?
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Mount Rainier Evacuation, Cascade Mountains, USA - potentially the most dangerous volcano in the Cascades


Mount Rainier

Image: Mount Rainier, a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (2.0) image from mandj98's photostream
"We call it low probability, high consequence," Steven Bailey, Pierce County, Washington's director of emergency management. "It's a low probability it's going to occur in our lifetime. But if and when it does, the consequences are going to be huge."
Volcanic Eruption Preparation
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Mt Rainer Geographical Visualisation
Google Earth Placemark   Mount Rainier Volcanic Hazard Management Overlay

Task One

Design an evacuation route from Location A or Location B or Location C.

Describe each evacuation route - Why does it do the way it does? What is the route trying to avoid? At what point are the evacuees 'safe'?

Map your route on Google Earth or Google Maps. Insert a placemark everywhere that you would want to build an evacuation sign post. In the description box for the placemark describe which way the sign post would be pointing.


Evacuation Route

Image: evacuation route, a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative-Works (2.0) image from pyxopotamus's photostream

Task Two

What could the missing words be?

What to do Before a Volcanic Eruption

  • Add a pair of _______ and disposable ________ ____ for each member of the family to your disaster supply kit.
  • Stay away from ______ volcano sites.
  • If you live near a known volcano, active or dormant, be ready to __________ at a moment's notice.
  • Follow the evacuation order issued by authorities and evacuate __________ from the volcano area to avoid flying ______, hot gases, lateral ______, and lava flow.
  • Be aware of mudflows. The danger from a mudflow increases near stream ________ and with prolonged heavy rains. Mudflows can move faster than you can ____ or ___. Look upstream before crossing a bridge, and do not cross the bridge if a mudflow is _________.
  • Avoid river valleys and ___-_____ areas.
  • Remember to help your ___________ who may require special assistance - infants, elderly people, and people with disabilities.
  • Listen to a _______-powered radio or television for the latest emergency information.
  • If you have a respiratory ailment, avoid contact with any amount of ___.
  • Wear long-sleeved ______ and long _____.
  • Use goggles and wear eyeglasses instead of ________ ______.
  • Stay indoors until the ash has settled unless there is a danger of the roof __________.
  • Clear _________ from flat or low-pitched roofs and rain gutters.
  • Avoid running car or truck engines. Driving can stir up ___________ that can clog engines, damage moving parts, and stall vehicles.
  • Avoid driving in heavy ash fall unless absolutely required. If you have to drive, keep speed down to ___ mph or slower.
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Have a look at your evacuation route in Google Street View. Does this information make you want to change your route at all? The view above it just outside Location 3. on facebook
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