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Watch the first minute of this video clip - earthquakes happen but what is leading to deaths and problems?
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How can a building be designed to be more 'earthquake safe'?
For each of the following building design features you need to have a sub-heading, diagram and explanation. You will need to watch the video clips to find the necessary information.

Design Feature One: Base Isolation


Design Feature Two: Braces


Design Feature Three: Water Counterbalance

Watch the above video again looking for information about using a water counterbalance.

Design Feature Four: Retro-fitting


Design Feature Five: Escape


Design Feature Six: Safe Design in Less Developed Countries

Geography Worksheet
Geography Worksheet
A number of techniques can be used to make houses withstand earthquakes better:
1. Hollow concrete brick designed to cause minimal damage
2. Reinforced cement concrete roof
3. Stone foundations made from rubble from destroyed houses
4. Reinforced steel corner pillars provide strength and flexibility

iShake Table Challenge

iShake Table


Imagine you are designing a new skyscraper for an earthquake prone area such as San Francisco, USA.

Design and build the highest structure possible from a limited number of sugar cubes. The winning structure will be the one that offers the best relationship between height and earthquake resistance. Your design will be tested on the iShake Table.

Think about all the design features that you have studied and try and incorporate these ideas into your design.

The higher the building > the better the views > the more you can charge for the apartments and offices > the more money you will make!

iShake Table
Attach an iPhone/iPod Touch to the iShake Table with velcro or blu-tak and use the iSeismometer application to measure that the structures withstand.
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iShake Table

Reflect on the success of your structure design. What worked well? What didn't work well?

Using either a drawing or photo of your most successful design review the structures performance. on facebook
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