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Too many people to feed?

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Watch the following video clip. How is the situation in the video clip explained by a conflict between population and resources?
So ... how does this cartoon relate to the situation?
Population vs Resources Cartoon

If not over-populated then...

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Thomas Malthus (1766 – 1834)


Ester Boserup (1910 - 1999)
Thomas Malthus (1766 – 1834)
Ester Boserup (1910 - 1999)
Thomas Malthus
Ester Boserup
Geography Activities

Task: Short response questions

  1. Define the following terms:
      • Overpopulation
      • Under-population
      • Carrying Capacity
      • Resources
      • Optimist
      • Pessimist
  2. When was Thomas Malthus born?
  3. What was Thomas Malthus's occupation?
  4. When was Ester Boserup born?
  5. What was Ester Boserup's occupation?
  6. Draw the geographical representation of Malthus's theory.
  7. Describe Malthus's theory.
  8. Draw the geographical representation of Boserup's theory.
  9. Describe Boserup's theory.
  10. Do you think there has been a Malthusian global population vs. resources situation?  Give examples in your answer.
  11. How do you think that Boserup’s theories could manifest themselves in the future?
  12. What are you?  A Malthusian or a Boserupian?  Explain you answer.
Geography Review


Have a go at producing a plan for this longer response exam question. Think about the keywords you would use? Would you use a diagram? What examples could you use?
Overpopulation occurs when there are too many people living in an area for the resources which are available. Explain how the relationship between population and resources can cause overpopulation? You should use examples were possible [10 Marks ] on facebook
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