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A set of images of pirates produced by a class of Humanities students at the International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations.

Do you think they see pirates at Heroes or Villains?

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Anne Bonny
Henry Morgan
François l'Olonnois

Anne Bonny

Henry Morgan

François l'Olonnois

Bartholomew Roberts
Klaus St�rtebeker

Bartholomew Roberts

Klaus Störtebeker




To produce, as a group, an info-poster that could be displayed in your classroom/school. Your info-poster should include the following:

Life Factfile - date and place of birth, date and place of death and more ...

The Early Years - suggest why your person became a pirate

Life as a Pirate - accounts of their acts of piracy

Boat(s) and crew(s) - what was their boat called? what was their crew like?

Hero? - arguments supporting your pirate as being a hero

Villain? - argument supporting your pirate as being a villain

Picture Gallery - Images and depictions of the pirates with dates and sources


Challenging the Sources

You need to challenge the sources you are using. A lot of facts about pirates can get mixed with fiction.

Show that you can challenge what the sources say and show. You might do this by looking at the images you have found of the pirate you are focusing upon. When was the image produced? Could the person who produced the image have ever met the pirate? If they didn't see the pirate themselves - where are they getting their information from? on facebook
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