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The Value of Rocks

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How much did this 24.78-carat "fancy intense pink" diamond sell for in 2010?
BBC News
  Rare pink diamond sells for record-breaking ...
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The aim of this lesson:

  • to appreciate the value and scale of mining/quarrying operations
  • to develop 'describe' skills
  • to develop Google Maps skills - adding descriptions and placemarks
  • to develop focused online research skills
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Think and Write

World Diamondiferous Depoits

Quick research task - what is the difference between Placer, Kimberite and Lamproite? What search query did you use to find the necessary information?

Describe the global distribution of diamond deposits. Imagine there are 3 marks available for your answer.

Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Research and Write

View The Value of Rocks in a larger map
  1. Ensure you are logged into a Google account with access to Google Maps
  2. Click 'View The Value of Rocks in a larger map'
  3. Click one the three dots to access a further list of options.
  4. Click 'Copy map'.
  5. Now when you click on any of the 6 placemarks you can edit them and add information to their descriptions

Edit each of descriptions to add the following information:

  • What resource is being mined?
  • Add an 'amazing' fact about the mine - size, depth, amount of material that has been removed, value of the material removed.

Extension exercise - add an additional two placemarks for mines or quarries in your country of residence.

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