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The wettest place on Earth ...
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Where does it rain?

precipitation, annual; Europe. Map. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Web. 18 Sep. 2011. <>.
Where does it rain the most? Where does it rain the least? Why?
This task could be annotated onto a blank physical outline map of Europe - such as this one.

Why does it rain?

There are three different types of rainfall that occur in different geographical situations: Frontal, Relief and Convectional.
Types of Rainfall

Why does it rain? Task

Use a presentation application such as PowerPoint or Google Presentations to produce a simple animation of one of the three types of rainfall. A good piece of work will clearly show what causes the air to rise and how this produces rainfall.
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It's time to mime! Usie nothing but a mime to explain one type of rainfall - can your classmates guess which? on facebook
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