Coastal processes - stop animation



What is 'Stop Animation'? Watch the following two videos - how were they made?

[5 June 2009]
[6 July 2006]



It's time to play with Play-Doh!

[24 June 2015]

You are going to produce a stop animation explaining the formation of one of the following:

  • cliffs and wave-cut platforms
  • arches, stacks and stumps
  • bays and headlands
  • spits

The first stage is to storyboard your animation. This could be by hand or using software such as Google Slides.

Use (homemade) Play-Doh, a digital camera and some suitable software to produce your short (30-second) geographical animation. You should be aiming for about 12 photos per second of animation. An audio commentary can be added at the end. Alternatively, a text commentary can be added to the movie.