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Could the Tropical Rainforest be described as a productive biome?
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Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task One: Definitions

The primary productivity of a community is the amount of biomass produced through photosynthesis per unit area and time by plants. Primary productivity is usually expressed in units of energy (e.g., joules per metre squared per day) or in units of dry organic matter (e.g., kg per metre squared per year).

The total energy fixed by plants in a community through photosynthesis is referred to as gross primary productivity (GPP). Subtracting respiration from gross primary production gives us net primary productivity (NPP), which represents the rate of production of biomass that is available for consumption by organisms (bacteria, fungi, and animals).

Globally, patterns of primary productivity vary both spatially and temporally. The least productive ecosystems are those limited by heat energy and water like the deserts and the polar tundra. The most productive ecosystems are systems with high temperatures, plenty of water and lots of available soil nitrogen.

Define 'Net Primary Productivity'
Define 'productive biome'
 Ecosystem Type
 Net Primary Productivity
(kilocalories per metre squared per year)
 Tropical Rain Forest


 Swamps and Marshes




 Deciduous Temperate Forest


 Boreal Forest


 Temperate Grassland


 Polar Tundra



 < 200

Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task Two: Relationship Between Net Primary Productivity and Latitude

Net Primary Productivity

Sketch a graph that shows the relationship between net primary productivity and latitude

Question: Describe and explain the link between net primary productivity and latitude. [Make sure you describe any anomalies or unusual patterns.]

Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task Three: Video and Note Making

Watch the BBC Planet Earth Jungles DVD using the following worksheet to help your structure your notes.
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Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task Four: Exam Style Question

Rainforest Structure
  1. Using only evidence from the diagram above, describe three characteristics of the natural vegetation in areas of tropical rainforest. [3 Marks]
  2. Explain the relationship between the natural vegetation characteristics and the climate of
    the tropical rainforest. [4 Marks] on facebook
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