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Weather or Climate

Weather is the condition of the air around us in a particular place at a particular time.  It is the daily changes in the temperature, precipitation, wind speed, etc from day to day.  Weather implies a short time period.
Climate is the sort of weather that can normally be expected in an area over a long periods.  It sums up the average weather conditions recorded over a period of 30 years.
Are each of these statements related to weather or climate?
“I think we should move to France where it is warmer.”
“My washing will never dry today.”
“December is wet and cold.”
“Where should we go for our skiing holiday this year?”
“There is too much fog for the plane to land.”
“Bananas grow in Jamaica because it is hot.”
“Sports Day is cancelled, it is raining too much.”
“Take your coat to school today.”
“It’s October, it’ll be getting cold soon, I’d better put the heating on.”
“ Madrid, in August, will be very hot.”
Geography Activities

Activities - factors that affect climate




Distance from the sea

Spasskaya Tower
Glasgow from Queens Park
Both Glasgow, UK and Moscow, Russia are 55°N of the equator. The average temperature in January in Glasgow is 4°C but in Moscow it is -7°C.

Prevailing winds

Rain Shadow


Glacier on Mt Kilimanjaro
Glacier on Mt Kilimanjaro | appenz Flickr
The Furtwangler Glacier, Mt Kilimanjaro - 3° north of the equator at 5750 metres above sea level.

Atmospheric Circulation

Atmospheric Circulation

Task One

After having listened to your teacher talk about latitude, distance from the sea, prevailing winds, altitude and atmospheric circulation - draw a line diagram of each of the factors that affect climate.

Task Two

Explain the following:

  • Why is it 'hot and wet' on the Equator.
  • Why it is 'hot and dry' 30°N and 30°S of the Equator.
  • How a glacier can exist on a mountain near to the Equator.
  • Why mountainous areas usually get more rain than lowland areas.
  • How prevailing winds can bring dry weather to places.
  • Why Glasgow is warmer than Moscow even though both are on the same line of latitude.
Geography Review


Use Wikipedia or a site such as to see what climate data says the temperature should be in your location today. Compare this to the actual temperature outside - is there a difference between today's weather and the climate? on facebook
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