Opportunities: A Cheeky Weekend in Chamonix


  • Statement of inquiry
    • Scientific and technical innovators need to understand how power affects the processes that occur within systems.
  • Factual questions [Remembering facts and topics]
  • Conceptual questions [Analysing big ideas]
  • Debatable questions [Evaluating perspectives and developing theories]
  • Aims of this lesson

Base knowledge and understanding

Video clip

[11 June 2019]


Piste map - Chamonix Valley



Stage 1: Planning and costing the experience

You are having a 'cheeky' weekend skiing in the Chamonix Valley!

Your flight arrives at Geneva airport at 1800hrs on the Friday night and your return flight departs at 2000hrs on the Sunday night.

You need to outline all your activities, who will provide them and their cost.

transfer to resort | accommodation | ski pass | ski hire | breakfast | lunches | evening meals | aprés ski | snacks and drinks


Stage 2: What percentage of money spent stays in the Chamonix Valley?

Complete the last two columns with the titles: Percentage of € I think will 'stay' in the Chamonix Valley? | Amount (Euros) that will 'stay' in the Chamonix Valley.

You should be able to explain the percentages you put in your table.

How could the weekend's adventures and activities be changed to increase the amount of money staying in the Chamonix Valley?



Write a short press release that explains the importance of the tourism industry to the Chamonix Valley.