Glacial landscapes map skills


  • Statement of inquiry
    • Experts need to understand all the processes to understand the whole system and by understanding the whole system one can predict how a system will react to change.
  • Factual questions [Remembering facts and topics]
    • How can we locate and differentiate elements of the Earth’s surface using direction, scale, latitude, longitude, grid references and area references?
    • How can we interpret and analyse topological maps and cross-profiles (sections).
  • Conceptual questions [Analysing big ideas]
  • Debatable questions [Evaluating perspectives and developing theories]
  • Aims of this lesson

Base knowledge and understanding

Video clip

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Contour lines

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Matching images to the map

The six images below are all taken in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia, North Wales, UK. Can you work out where on a topographical map these photos were taken from? Can you work out which glacial landforms are included in the photos?

There are various online sources of the necessary topographic maps:

Walking in to climb on the Idwal Slabs - the steep back cirque wall.
Llyn Ogwen
Jon over Nant Ffrancon
Tryfan and Ogwen valley
Llyn Idwal from the top of Idwal Slab
Gabriel, Tryfan and Llyn Ogwen