sc.08 Revision → Summative assessment [A+C+D]


  • Statement of inquiry
    • Increasing global interactions concentrate more power in cities which can cause unsustainable growth, and increase disparities.
  • Aims of this lesson
    • To review the content of the unit in preparation for an in-class assessment.



Task 1 - Definitions [20 minutes]

Spend 20 minutes going back through the pages of this unit on and through your notes to build a list of the geographical terms that you think you should be able to define.

Consider using a digital application such as Anki Flashcards or Quizlet to produce flashcards that allow you to actively revise the content.


Task 2 - Revision clock [30 minutes]

  1. Print out a class set of the 'revision clock' at A3 size.
  2. The students choose one pen colour.
  3. In silence they have 90 seconds to write as much as they can in the first section of the clock. They should be adding keywords, definitions, examples etc.
  4. Repeat the process, in silence for each section of the clock, with the teacher doing the timings.
  5. Change to a different colour of pen.
  6. Give the students another 10-15 minutes to address any gaps they have in their clock using their notes/resources.

Task 3 - Concept corners [20 minutes]

  1. Print out a class set of the 'concept corners' at A4 size.
  2. The challenge is to join each term/phrase with the others on the sheet.
  3. When a join is made - students should write a sentence on the line explaining the link between the two terms/phrases.

Task 4 - Task review [20 minutes]

Go back through this unit on and revisit the tasks that you were asked to do. Try and focus on the big ideas and concepts that were covered through the work that we did.


Task 5 - Optional.. [30 minutes]

The following video is an edited 30 minute version of the two 'Slumming it' videos and may be a useful revision aid.