DP Geography educator mentoring project

To the ‘old hands’ out there - do you remember what it was like to join a new school and start teaching DP Geography?

To the ‘fresh faces’ out there - are you about to start teaching DP Geography for the first time and does that worry you a little?

The idea of this project is to ‘match’ experienced teachers (aka mentors) with less experienced educators (aka mentees) so that they can meet online for some informal but supportive meetings. Probably over a warm beverage of their choice. The topics of discussion are up to the mentee and the mentor. How do you structure those important first couple of weeks? How much should I have covered by the Winter Break? Which mega-city should I use in Unit 1? Where should I fit the data collection for the Internal Assessment in?


  • To provide support for educators new to teaching DP Geography.
  • To utilise online tools to connect experienced DP Geography educators with educators just starting teaching the subject.

Requirements for being a mentor

  • Be a ‘geographer’.
  • Be a member of the IB DP Geography Teacher Support Facebook Group.
  • Have taught DP Geography for at least two exam cycles.
  • Teach DP Geography at higher and standard level.
  • Be willing to meet and support a ‘mentee’ for at least three meetings during the coming academic year; at least two of these within the first three months of teaching the course.

Requirements for being a mentee

  • Be about to start teaching DP Geography for the first time.
  • Be in a small department - you are probably the only DP Geography teacher in the school.

What is in it for a mentor?

  • The ‘experience’ of mentoring a fellow educator and being able to log this as professional development experience (if you want to) or for logbook hours required for being a chartered geographer or similar.
  • Access to a ‘mentor only’ WhatsApp group for support.

What is in it for a mentee?

  • A connection with an experienced DP Geography ‘mentor’.
  • At least three meetings, of around 30 minutes in length, with your mentor, at least two of which will be in the first three months of teaching the course.


  • This is not ‘official’ IB professional development - or anything like that! This is an effort to try and help educators new to IB DP Geography and therefore their students.
  • It is highly unlikely that a mentor will do any marking for a mentee but may be willing to moderate a few pieces!

Feedback from the 2021 cohort

I have met with my mentor several times throughout the semester. She helped me stay on track and answered any questions I had. She boosted my confidence when I was doubting myself


My mentor, Tom, was fantastic. The impacts of Covid meant that I was unable to have face to face training, the mentor programme enabled me to ask questions and Tom could offer suggestions about how to handle small cohorts and fieldwork.


Interested in joining the 2022 - what next?

  • Apply via the form below by Friday 19th August.
  • The plan is to have mentor - mentee partnerships sorted by Wednesday 24th August.
DP Geography educator mentoring project 2022