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LON20 Advocacy Lab - Authoring Compelling Content [that people may pay you for]



Your experience and insights can ignite ideas for material worth publishing. Find a topic close to your heart. You’ll be more passionate writing about it.

Dr. Sue Lee de Ghersi - Google Industry Manager Media & Entertainment - The Advocacy Playbook

Identify your niche

Identify your niche.

Understand what people need.

Make your thing

Make your thing.

Start 'free'.

Tell people about it

Tell people about it.

Maintain contact with your audience.


Start planning your next thing.


Break the cycle

Break the cycle and take things to the next level.


Getting your name in print

Writing about 'big ideas'

Writing upon focused topics

Self publishing your stuff


Existing online platforms where you can sell your resources


Exemplars and Best Practices

Google Sites

Google Sites -

glide app - #ibgeog Podcasts

#ibgeog Podcasts
  • An app produced for a focused purpose with intentional traffic driving links to another project.
  • Free.
  • A curated list of 82 podcasts specifically for IB DP Geography students and educators.
  • Produced using glide - all driven from a single Google Sheet.
Google Earth

Earth in Chrome Projects


Tooling Around

Google Trends
Google Sites

Google Sites - "Make your thing"

  • Relatively easy to produce a visually engaging website.
  • Hard to monitise (add a paywall to) later.
  • As part of G Suite for Business which can give you a professional online presence.
Google Earth

Earth in Chrome Projects - "Make your thing"

  • Explore the 'new' Creation tools to author resources that an educator would find useful.
  • What student experiences could you author where they generate content in Earth in Chrome?