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Weather Characteristics - How are we affected by the weather?

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Why does it rain?

There are three different types of rainfall that occur in different geographical situations: Frontal, Relief and Convectional.
Types of Rainfall

Why does it rain? Task

Use PowerPoint to produce a simple animation of one of the three types of rainfall. A good piece of work will clearly show what causes the air to rise and how this produces rainfall.

Air Masses

An air mass is a parcel of air that brings distinctive weather to an area/country.

Measuring the Weather


Weather Reports - Using Widgets

Weather Widget Task

Use a web development application such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage to produce a page of weather widgets for your location. The websites that produce the widgets can be found by clicking on the 'Source' buttons below each of the widget on the example page.

Students wanting to complete an extension task should attempt to produce a page of widgets that compares their location with another, one the other side of the world. Click here for an example.

Geography Review

Review and Homework Task


Your task is to keep a weather diary/log for the next 7 days. Download the template spreadsheet below to give you a structure for your weather diary.

If you use Google Docs you can upload the spreadsheet and keep your weather diary online, sharing it with your educator. on facebook
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