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Look at the Cloud Patterns - can you see any anticyclones or depressions? [Google Earth > Layers > Weather > Clouds]
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What are Depressions?

Cross Section of a Depression

Cross Section of a Depression | Source


Depressions are low pressure weather systems that produce cloudy and rainy weather conditions.

Depressions develop when warm air (possibly tropical maritime) meets cold air (possibly polar maritime).

The boundary between the different air masses is called a front.

Depressions show up clearly on satellite images as great swirls of cloud.

Depressions bring a sequence of weather changes as they pass over head. Due to the rising of air caused by the movement of the fronts and interaction between the warm and cold air there are lots of clouds and precipitation.


How does the Weather Change as a Depression Passes Over?

Depressions Booklet
Depressions Booklet

Depression Booklet (One needed per student)

Depression Icons (Three students per sheet)

  1. Fold and cut the Depression Booklet sheet to turn it from a sheet of A4 paper into a booklet.
  2. Using the summary table in the booklet - decide which icons should be stuck to which page. Stick them to the pages in such a way that you can still see the landscape.
  3. Add the necessary clouds to the images using the Depression Cross Section from the top of this page and your knowledge about the amount and type of rainfall associated with each stage.
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Use Flickr and/or to find some images of depression type weather.
BBC News
Use BBC News to find a news article related to depression type weather and the hazards it can cause. on facebook
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