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The Problems of Traffic

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Watch the following video clip. What does the outcome of the race tell you about the problems of traffic and congestion in urban areas?
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Traffic Facts and Figures

What it Costs
United States of America
The individual cost of congestion exceeded $900 per driver in 1997, resulting in more than $72 billion in lost wages and wasted fuel.
Lost Time
United States of America
Drivers in one-third of U.S. cities spend more than 40 hours a year (an entire work week) in traffic that is not moving.
Public Transportation
United States of America
If one in 10 Americans regularly used mass transit, U.S. reliance on foreign oil could decline by more than 40 percent, or nearly the amount of oil imported from Saudi Arabia each year.
The Environment
United States of America
A regular rush-hour driver wastes an average of 99 gallons of gasoline a year due to traffic.

Data table definitions:

  • Person Journey Time: average time taken to travel one mile (in minutes:seconds).
  • Baseline: The first data recorded for the study, against which following data will be compared.
  • Person miles: Percentage change in the total average distance traveled by commuters.

Data table definitions:

  • Billion vehicle kilometres: the distance traveled by this kind of vehicle on the roads of the United Kingdom.
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Review and Homework Task

Watch the following advert which is trying to promote the use of bicycles - rather than cars. Produce your own poster to promote a method of reducing traffic congestion in a settlement/urban area. on facebook
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