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The image below is of the castle at Peyrepertuse in the French Pyrenees - Why was this castle built where is was?
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The site of a settlement is where the settlement has been built.

There are a number of factors that were important when locating a settlement:

  • Protection - good views from a hilltop give you warning if you are about to be attacked.
  • Water Supply - Plenty of water is needed for drinking, cooking and washing. Water might come from a river, spring or well.
  • A Risk of Flooding - Sites must not flood or be marshy.
  • Proximity to a River - Needs to be easy to cross either on foot at a ford or by a bridge. Rivers can also aid transport, provide power and a source of food.
  • Building Materials - Needed wood or stone. Useful to be near a wood or a rocky hillside.
  • Supply of Fuel - Wood needed for fires for warmth and to cook on.
  • Shelter - In the northern hemisphere a south facing slope will have more sun and will be protected from the cold north wind.
  • Flat Land - Easier to build on, for growing crops and traveling to other towns.
  • Economic Activities - Located near to a means of making money.
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Why are these towns located where they are?

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Shrewsbury, UK
Zinal, Switzerland

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Punta Cancún, Mexico
Scarborough, United Kingdom
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