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Task One: Choropleth Map Task

A choropleth map shows values by using different shades of one colour.
  1. Download the 'France Department Data Excel Sheet' and complete the final column.
  2. What is the highest Population Density value in the table?
  3. What is the lowest Population Density value in the table?
  4. You will be using 5 shades of colour to produce your map. Complete the box below to calculate the values of population density for each shade of colour:
    201 +
    ?? - ??
    ?? - ??
    51 - ??
    0 - 50
  5. Print the French Department map (below) and colour the departments in by hand or load the image into a image manipulating application such as Paint to fill in the departments in different shades of the same colour.
  6. Make sure your final map has a North arrow, key, title and (if possible) a scale.

Department Map of France


Task Two: Extension Task

Use GeoHive to find department/state level population density data for another country of your choice. Then use Google Image Search to find an outline map of that country. Review how you produced the France choropleth map and then repeat the process for the country you have chosen.
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Population Density of Europe
Map to show the population density of Europe.
Looking at the choropleth map above - can you see any disadvantages of this method of data representation? on facebook
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