Latitude and Longitude



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Latitude and Longitude


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Task 1

  • Complete these sentences
    1. The equator is...
    2. The Prime Meridian is...
    3. A hemisphere is...
    4. A line of latitude...
    5. A line of longitude...
Geo tool

Task 2 - Using Google Earth

  • Launch Earth on web.
  • Menu > Settings > Enable KML file import.
  • Menu > Map Style > Enable Gridlines.
  • Add this file to your Google Drive by clicking on the link and then clicking on the Google Drive icon in the top right hand corner 'Add to My Drive'.
  • My Places > Import kml file > Open from Google Drive > find the file 'longitude-latitude-a-j.kml' and double click on it.
  • Click each location in turn from the sidebar and add their latitude and longitude to the quiz below.

How did you do?

Geo tool

Task 3

Use Google Earth to find within which countries the following latitude and longitudes are found.

LocationLatitude and Longitude
145° North 0° East
240° North 5° West
325° North 30° East
430° South 25° East
50° North 60° West
640° North 80° West
736° North 140° East
834° South 117° East
910° North 78° East
1025° North 100° West

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