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Are all Volcanoes the same?

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Are all Volcanoes the same?

Task One

Research the following statements to assess whether they are TRUE or FALSE
  • All volcanoes are shaped like a pyramid.
  • All volcanoes erupt all the time.
  • Volcanoes are found only on the edge of tectonic plates.
  • It is common for people to live near volcanoes.
  • Volcanoes are of no value to humankind.
For each statement you need to say whether you think it is TRUE or FALSE. You need to provide evidence to support your opinion. This could be in the form of a labeled (and sourced) image or a written description (again - make sure you note your sources).

Task Two

The image below has been affected by a 'computer virus' and some parts of the image have been lost.

The image showed the different 'volcanic settings' around the world.

  1. Copy the image into a program such as Word or Publisher.
  2. Label each of the 'volcanic settings' (1 to 6)
  3. For each of the 'volcanic settings' describe the different tectonic settings.
  4. Add an example (labeled image) of a volcano at each 'volcanic setting'
Volcanic Settings

Extension Task

Is the risk to humans the same at each of the 'volcanic settings'? Is is more dangerous to live near one type of volcano than another?
Geography Review

Review and Homework Task

Make your own model of a volcano.

Make you own Volcano model! [Colour]

Make you own Volcano model! [As above but black and white]

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