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Volcanic Hazards

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How could a volcano kill you or damage your property? Watch the following video clip for inspiration.
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Investigate the different volcanic hazards by clicking on the labels in the diagram above.

Volcanic Hazards


Task One

Read each of the following volcano related news stories and list the volcanic hazards associated with each one.
Mount Merapi, Central Java, Indonesia BBC News: Two bodies found on Mount Merapi
Mount Nyiragongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo BBC News: Mount Nyiragongo: Trail of destruction
Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy BBC News: Etna villagers flee homes after quake
Mount Redoubt, Alaska, USA BBC News: Volcano in Alaska blows top again
Mount Asama, Honsh?, Japan BBC News: Volcano erupts close to Tokyo

Task Two

Choose a volcanic hazard: landslide, tephra, pyroclastic flow, lahar, lava flow, volcanic gases. Design a poster to educate people of the warning signs, characteristics and consequences of the volcanic hazard.
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