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The impacts of an earthquake can be reduced with careful management. That management could take any of the following forms:
  • Drills to practice what should be done when an earthquake occurs.
  • Building codes so that building are built to withstand the forces produced by a quake.
  • Retro-fitting old buildings to help them withstand earthquakes.
  • Encouraging every household to have an 'Earthquake Kit' which includes an emergency supply of food, water, medical equipment, radio, torch etc.
  • Educate every family to have a 'Disaster Plan' so that family members know how to meet up again should a quake occur when they are at work/school.
  • Invest in training and equipment for rescue teams so they can deal with the situation once it happens.

Managing the impact of future earthquakes in San Francisco.
Open the Bridge to Classroom website

Read the Quake Country section carefully.

It should be revision of the topics you have discussed in class already.

The information on the web pages will help you to design the best bridge!

Now it is time to test your design skills.

Your task is to develop the best bridge design to link San Francisco and Oakland.

Follow this link

  1. You need to choose the bridge type to use for the three sections. For your first trail don't use any safety features but test various bridge designs on both faults (San Andreas and Haywood) and with different quake magnitudes.
  2. When you have found the best design add safety features.
  3. Continue to test your design until you find the best combination i.e. the bridge that stands up to the earthquake with the highest magnitude.
  4. Print off and then describe the best bridge.
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Review and Homework Task

Explore the Safe Designs minisite in preparation for the next series of lessons. You should also ensure you are familiar with Google SketchUp.
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