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A firm which has the power to co-ordinate and control operations in more than one country, even if it doesn't own them.


TNC Case Study One: IKEA

Chinese Ikea

Image: Chinese Ikea, a Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivative-Works (2.0) image from yeyen's photostream
IKEA World Map
Map of countries with IKEA furniture stores, as at March 2007, inclusive two future openings (Romania und Ireland)

TNC Case Study Two: Coca-Cola

Coca Cola Consumption

According to the 'Killer Cola' campaign Coca-Cola's crimes include the following:

  • Overexploitation and pollution of water sources in India, Mexico, Ghana and elsewhere
  • Continuing to operate in the Sudan, ignoring genocide in Darfur and paying fines for violating U.S. sanctions
  • Benefiting from hazardous child labour in sugar cane fields in El Salvador
  • Aggressive marketing to children of nutritionally worthless and damaging products
  • Anti-worker and anti-environmental practices worldwide
  • Giving executives hundreds of millions of dollars in stock options and bonuses while laying off thousands of employees
Geography Review

Review and Homework Task

All of the brands below have received negative publicity for the actions of their global processes. Carry out some research to find out what each brand received negative publicity for and what they did to combat it.
Starbucks Coffee
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