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Madagascar hopes for movie boost

BBC News: Thursday, 7 July, 2005.


The island nation of Madagascar is hoping for a boom in tourism following the success of an animated movie named after the country.

Tourism chiefs have said the long-term prospects for the island's popularity with holidaymakers was promising.

The hit cartoon movie has been called "an incredible chance" by Madagascar's tourism boss Henri Roger.

The film, which features the voice of David Schwimmer, has made $172m (£98m) at US box offices in six weeks.

Also featuring the voices of Ben Stiller and Ali G creator Sacha Baron Cohen, the film follows the adventures of animals who escape from New York zoo to try to reach Madagascar.

The Indian Ocean country's tourism authorities have predicted 600,000 visitors will travel to the island in 2007 - triple the number expected this year.

Madagascar is still recovering from a blow dealt to its tourist industry in 2002, when violence erupted over a disputed presidential election.


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Design a sustainable tourist experience in either Madagascar or Antarctica which you will try and sell to other members of your class.

You will present your experience as a Google Earth tour. Your Google Earth Tour should explain why the tourist experience is sustainable and should include at least six placemarks. Your tour should start with arrival in either Madagascar or Antarctica - most tourist experiences to Antarctica start in Ushuaia, Argentina

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Be prepared to share your Google Earth tour with the rest of your class.

How do you think your sustainable tourism experience would rank against the experiences you saw on the 'Sustainable Tourism' webpage. on facebook
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