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The Water Cycle

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Watch the Evian advert below - how many different water cycle processes can you see in the advert?

Can you see something that could represent evaporation? or infiltration? or condensation? or precipitation?


The Water Cycle

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The Water Cycle Song | Tom Glazer - Weather Songs. Source
Print the following blank Water Cycle image and label it to show the Water Cycle using the 'Water Cycle Song' to help you.

Water Cycle

You should try and add the following words: sunlight | evaporation | water vapour | cooling | condensation | cloud | precipitation | river flow.
Watch the animations linked to the water cycle below and improve upon the diagram of the water cycle you have produced so far.
Basic Water Cycle Animation
  Basic Water Cycle Animation
Advanced Water Cycle Animation
  Advanced Water Cycle Animation
Groundwater Animation
  Groundwater Animation
Produce a booklet showing the journey of a water droplet through the water cycle. You can download a blank booklet below.
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Listen to the following water based song by the Animaniacs - can you draw a diagram or flow chart of what happens in the song?
Animaniacs - Several Drops of Rain | Lyrics on facebook
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