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Drainage Basins - Journey from the Mouth to the Source

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What happens when a drop of precipitation lands on the ground? Where does it go? What is it's journey like as it travels through a drainage basin?
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Components of a Drainage Basin

Drainage Basin | Source | Tributary | Confluence | Floodplain | Mouth | Watershed

Physical Geography of a Drainage Basin

Upper Course
Middle Course
Lower Course
Steep gradient
Wide channel
Waterfalls and Rapids
Ox-bow lakes

Video Slideshow Task

You are going to produce a 90 second video slideshow showing a journey down a river, through it's drainage basin, from source to mouth.

Your slideshow must show how the river and it's valley changes from the source to the mouth. It should show the physical landforms that it flows over and through and the ways that humans use the river.

You should include images of all the following physical geography:

Source | Tributary | Confluence | Floodplain | Mouth | Steep Gradient | Waterfall | Rapid | Gorge | Meanders | Ox-bow Lakes | Deltas | Levées.

Your video slideshow should also include images of the uses that humans make of the river on it's journey from source to mouth - getting your ideas from the brainstorm you have done.

You should use a programme such as Windows MovieMaker to make your slideshow, inserting images that you have found using Google Image Search. Your slideshow should have an title page, credits and a text narrative.

Geography Review


Watch each others' video slideshows - what do you like about them? what could be improved? You could share your video slideshows online by uploading to a video sharing website like YouTube. Here is an example produced by a student at the International School of Toulouse. on facebook
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