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What is Development?

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While thinking about what development is watch the following video clip ...
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  • What is Development?
    • Development is a process of change and growth.
    • It is not just about money.
    • It is not just about having things such as computers or cars.
    • It is about improving the quality of life for people.
    • Some changes, which happen, that are called ‘Development’, can have negative impacts for some people.
    • Every country in the world is trying to develop.
    • Some countries develop at a faster rate than others.
Brainstorm 'What is Development?' using four major themes of Economic [Hint: all to do with money], Political [Hint: all to do with governments], Social [Hint: all to do with people] and Environmental [Hint: all to do with the environment and surroundings] using either pen and paper or an online service such as MindMeister.
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