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Use outline on the tasksheet to draw yourself and what you are wearing. For each of your items of clothing, accessories and 'attachments' (mobile phone, mp3 player, watch) find out where it was made and mark that information on the image.
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Today's Task > Relationships with Other Countries

Create a new page on the class wiki > enter the name of your new page > choose a page template to start with.
Every country depends to some extent on other countries. Countries are interdependent. The links between countries may include: trade, foreign investment, aid, tourism, loans and treaties.

Import Partners: These are the countries that your country imports products from.
Export Partners: These are the countries that your country exports to.

You are going to use the CIA World World Factbook to collect data about the Import and Export Partners of the country you are studying and then quikmaps to present that data.
The World Factbook
Alternative Mapping Service:
No need to sign up to UMapper. Create Map > Enter Title and Description > Submit > Produce Map > View Map > Copy Embed Code > Go to wiki page > Edit This Page > Embed Widget [button that looks like a TV] > Other HTML > Paste.

quikmap Example: France [import partners only]


Extension Task

Disputes - International: These are the countries that your country has disputes, conflicts and/or disagreements with.

Use the CIA World Factbook to find the International Disputes that the country you are studying has and add them, with annotations to a quikmap.

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