Presenting your findings



You must answer Mrs Houston's enquiry. She is going to be a difficult person to please so you must make sure that the answer you give her is very well reasoned.

Use all the available information to produce your reply to Mrs Houston. The more reasons and background to the situation you can give the better.

Once you have done your research record your response (using a program such as Soundtrap) as if you had phoned Mrs Houston at her hotel to tell her why she can't visit her grandmother's house.

Good luck - your teacher will tell you if they think Mrs Houston would be satisfied with the response or not.

Suggested process

  1. Produce a flow diagram that summarizes the reasons why Mrs Houston can't visit Hallsands. For each component of the flow diagram there should be another one that explains why.
  2. Get your teacher/educator to check your flow diagram.
  3. Produce a script for your telephone call to Mrs Houston - remember the role you have to play!
  4. Record your phone conservation using software such as Soundtrap.