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Living and Working at the South Pole

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Watch the following video clips and have a think about the highs and lows of living and working in Antarctica.
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British Antarctic Survey

You are going to apply for a job as a Field Assistant with the British Antarctic Survey. The job of a Field Assistant is to look after the scientists while they are collecting data and carrying out experiments in the dangerous Antarctic conditions.

You can read about life working for the British Antarctic Survey here and read about the life of a Field Assistant here.

You are going to be asked the following questions at interview - you need to prepare yourself fully. You may need to use your imagination a little - but as long as you get your facts right about Antarctica - that is OK.

These are real questions taken from the British Antarctic Survey Application Form.

  Personal Profile and Experience
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  Skills and Interests
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Think and the give three reasons why you would (or wouldn't) like to work at the South Pole. on facebook
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