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Detailed Lynmouth and Boscastle Overlay Detailed Lynmouth and Boscastle Overlay



Boscastle is a village 14 miles south-west of Bude. Its natural harbour is the only one for 20 miles along the rugged north Cornwall coast, and developed into a thriving port and fishing community. Source

The [river] Valency reaches the sea at Boscastle, and its tributary, the Jordan, flows into the [river] Valency in the centre of the village. Their catchment (the area they drain) is relatively small at 20 square kilometres - and steep, rising more than 300 metres in 6km. Source

Boscastle has been regularly affected by severe flooding over the centuries, but that of 16 August 2004 was the worst on record. Source



Lynmouth Map
Source: The Lynmouth Flood Disaster by Eric R. Delderfield
A Plan of Lynton and Lynmouth - 1910

Lynmouth is a village in Devon, England. It is on the north edge of Exmoor, at the confluence of the West Lyn and East Lyn rivers.

The stretch of coast overlooked by Lynton and occupied by Lynmouth is a spectacular combination of sweeping moorland, high rugged tree clad cliffs and enticing sheltered bays.

In 1086 the population of Lynton and Lynmouth with Countisbury was 425, and in 1801 it had only risen to 601. Soon, however, the repercussions of the Napoleonic Wars began to effect the twin villages. Wealthy families, afraid to travel on the continent decided to explore hitherto ignored beauty spots on this side of the Channel. Among the first to arrive were Shelley, Wordsworth and Coleridge who were charmed by the rare beauty and peace.

Gradually new houses and hotels were built to cater for the holidaymakers. Roads were improved and in 1898 a narrow gauge railway was opened from Barnstaple -- this, unfortunately, only lasted until 1935 when it fell victim to the advance of the motor car. Today the population of the twin villages is approximately two thousand. Source on facebook
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