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Pro-natalist Population Policies

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The aim of this lesson:

  • To evaluate [make an appraisal by weighing up the strengths and limitations] France's pro-natalist policy.
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France's Pro-natalist Population Policy


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France's Pro-natalist Population Policy - Situation

  Reuters - French birth rate falls below two children per woman [14 January 2014]
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France's Pro-natalist Population Policy - Methods

France has employed various policies to try to reconcile family life with women working. It has some of the most extensive state-funded child care in Europe.

Mothers can take 16 weeks paid maternity leave for the first child, rising to 26 weeks for the third child. There is also a total of 26 months parental leave.

In 2005 the government pledged more money for families with three children in an effort to encourage working women to have more babies.

Child care facilities are subsidised by the government. Younger children are entitled to full-day childcare (crèches). For children aged two to three there are pre-school programmes for which families pay on a sliding scale.

Birth rates: 1.9 - the second highest fertility rate in Europe.

  France24 - Why do French women have more babies? [11 June 2013]
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France's Pro-natalist Population Policy - Success?

  The Local - French named best baby-makers in all of Europe [15 March 2016]
The Guardian
  France’s baby boom secret: get women into work and ditch rigid family norms [21 March 2015]
  FRANCE24 - Video - French women's fertility rate fuels population growth [18 January 2012]
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Report Preparation Exercise

Produce a report with a maximum length of two sides of A4, including at least one data visualization.

Your report must include sections that:

  1. Outline the French population situation that required a pro-natalist population policy to be implemented.
  2. How the population policy works. How are the French population encouraged to increase the fertility rate?
  3. How successful has the population policy(ies) been?
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