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Changing importance of other energy sources

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Base knowledge and understanding

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Aims of this lesson:

  • To examine the changing importance of other energy sources.
Geography Activities


Geography Activities


To structure, research and produce an essay answering the following question:

Examine the changing importance of three energy alternatives to oil [15 marks]

Geography Activities

Stage 1 - Preparation

Preparation - breakdown the question: what is the command term requiring? what does 'changing importance' mean?

Brainstorm energy alternatives to oil (and other fossil fuels).

Geography Activities

Stage 2 - Researching a single energy source

Assign different energy sources to the members of the class. Get the students to use the following 'paragraph planner' to research and structure their findings.
Focused Essay Planning Tool
Geography Activities

Stage 3 - Sharing

Students should then share their work so that they can collect together the work of two other members of the class - giving enough content for three paragraphs.
Essay Graphic Organiser
Geography Activities

Stage 4 - Introduction and conclusion

Add the outline for the introduction and conclusion.

Sources of Information - ignore fossil fuels!

  BP Statistical Review 2015 includes statistics on nuclear, geothermal, wind and solar
  US Energy Information Administration - Renewable Fuels
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Mark your essay ...
Knowledge / understanding
Application / analysis
Synthesis / evaluation
Marks 0–15
Little knowledge and/or understanding, which is largely superficial or of marginal relevance; no or irrelevant examples and case studies Very little application; important aspects of the question are ignored No evaluation Very low level; little attempt at organization of material; no relevant terminology
Some relevant knowledge and understanding, but with some omissions; examples and case studies are included, but limited in detail Little attempt at application; answer partially addresses question No evaluation Few or no maps or diagrams, little evidence of skills or organization of material; poor terminology
Relevant knowledge and understanding, but with some omissions; examples and case studies are included, occasionally generalized Some attempt at application; competent answer although not fully developed, and tends to be descriptive No evaluation or unsubstantiated evaluation Basic maps or diagrams, but evidence of some skills; some indication of structure and organization of material; acceptable terminology
Generally accurate knowledge and understanding, but with some minor omissions; examples and case studies are well chosen, occasionally generalized Appropriate application; developed answer that covers most aspects of the question Beginning to show some attempt at evaluation of the issue, which may be unbalanced Acceptable maps and diagrams; appropriate structure and organization of material; generally appropriate terminology
Accurate, specific, well-detailed knowledge and understanding; examples and case studies are well chosen and developed Detailed application; well-developed answer that covers most or all aspects of the question Good and well-balanced attempt at evaluation Appropriate and sound maps and diagrams; well structured and organized responses; terminology sound
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