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Life Expectancy, Education and Income

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The aim of this lesson:

  • To be able to identify and explain patterns and trends of regional and global disparities of life expectancy, education and income.
Can you spot a 'development gap'?
Geography Activities


Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task One - Life Expectancy [Graph]

Life Expectancy
Remember - trends can be seen in statistics and patterns are more geographically located.
  1. What is the overall/global trend in life expectancy shown in the graph above?
  2. Brainstorm reasons for the global trend you have identified.
  3. For each of your reasons - go further with research to develop your notes past generalised. 'Improved Healthcare' isn't satisfactory - what element of 'improved healthcare' has caused life expectancy to increase?
  4. Identify and suggest reasons for the anomaly on the graph.
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task Two - Education [UNESCO eAtlas of Literacy]

UNESCO eAtlas of Literacy

Despite significant improvements in literacy rates globally, today there are still 781 million adults and 126 million youth who cannot read or write a simple sentence. Women account for two-thirds of the illiterate population, according to the latest data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS).

The UNESCO eAtlas of Literacy lets you explore and adapt maps, charts and ranking tables for indicators covering the youth, adult and elderly populations. Indicators are disaggregated by sex to better evaluate gender inequalities.

  1. What is the overall/global trend in education shown by the visualization reached by clicking on the image above? (use the Year slider to see changes over time).
  2. Can you name an example that has shown a rapid increase in education? Suggest reasons for the rapid nature of the increase.
  3. Can you name an example that has shown a decrease, either overall or for a period of time, in education? Suggest reasons possible reasons for the decrease.
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task Three - Income []
  1. Open and have a play with the life-expectancy versus income visualization. Set it up like you can see in the image above.
  2. What is the global trend in income since 1950?
  3. Press play so that your graph produces trails for the IB DP Geography 5 countries.
  4. Draw the trails on the blank graph, from the resource below.
  5. Annotate your graph with suggested reasons for the increases and decreases in income, for the individual countries of the IB Five.
The IB Five
Geography Review



Using an example at a regional scale, explain the changing patterns and trends in life expectancy. [6 marks]

Explain the trends seen in the global disparities of income. [6 marks]

Explain either the patterns in regional or global disparities in education. [6 marks] on facebook
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