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Environmental Impact of Increased Oil Demand

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The Worst Oil Spills in History

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  • To be able to examine the environmental impacts of the increased demand for and production of oil.
  Syllabus linkage: Extreme Environments - Periglacial: Resource Development - Trans-Alaskan Pipeline

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Geography Activities

A link between increased oil usage and Global Climate Change

World Oil Production
Monthly Average Carbon Dioxide Concentration
Geography Activities

A link between increased oil production and Global Climate Change - Tasks

Do you think there is a link between increased global oil production and increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere? How could these elements link to global climate change?

Explain 4 environmental consequences of global climate change.

Geography Activities

Oil Spills from the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline

The wealth generated by Prudhoe Bay and the other fields on the North Slope since 1977 is worth more than all the fish ever caught, all the furs ever trapped, all the trees chopped down; throw in all the copper, whalebone, natural gas, tin, silver, platinum, and anything else ever extracted from Alaska too. The balance sheet of Alaskan history is simple: One Prudhoe Bay is worth more in real dollars than everything that has been dug out, cut down, caught or killed in Alaska since the beginning of time.
Trans-Alaskan Pipeline
Trans-Alaska Pipeline at Delta Junction
Geography Activities

Oil Spills from the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline - Tasks

Use the following two resources to produce a case study of an oil spill from the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. Ensure you can link the environmental impact of the spill to an increasing demand for oil.
Hyperlink - Pipeline pierced by bullet [5 October 2001]
BBC News
  Alaska clean-up 'could take years' [7 October 2001]
Use the following report to produce a spider diagram of 'Environmental Impacts of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline' - try to disregard the consequences of the construction of the pipeline but instead focus upon future environmental impacts.
Geography Activities

2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Offshore Drilling Platform on Fire
  ScienceNews - Five years on, Deepwater Horizon oil spill's impact lingers [3 April 2015]
  Syllabus linkage: Global Interactions - Environmental Consequences of Oil -
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill 2010
Geography Review



To what extent are the environmental impacts of the global increase in demand for oil acceptable? [15 marks]

The markbands can be found here - you need to look at Paper 1.

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