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Causes of Migrations

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Base knowledge and understanding


Mapping Mediterranean migration

Source [15 September 2014]

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The aim of this lesson:

  • To be able to discuss [offer a considered and balanced review that includes a range of arguments, factors or hypotheses. Opinions or conclusions should be presented clearly and supported by appropriate evidence] the causes of migrations, both forced and voluntary.
  The movement of people, involving a change of residence. It can be internal or external (international) and voluntary or forced. It does not include temporary circulations such as commuting or tourism. A person who (1) belongs to a normally migratory culture who may cross national boundaries, or (2) has fled his or her native country for economic reasons rather than fear of political or ethnic persecution.
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Major Migrations since 1900

Migration Map
For each of the 11 international migrations listed above - note down the date, country of origin and country of destination. Research the migrations and write a brief summary of the reasons for the population movement. Classify each as being forced or voluntary.
Migration Map
Geography Activities


Geography Activities

Lees' Model

Geography Activities

Modern Day Refugee Movement - Out of Syria

Click on the image above to begin a journey fleeing Syria for Europe.
BBC News
  Syria: The story of the conflict [12 March 2015]
BBC News
  Syria's refugee exodus [29 May 2014]
The Guardian
  Where are the Syrian refugees going? [29 January 2014]
Use only an annotated version of Lee's Model to present a detailed example of a recent refugee movement.
Geography Activities

Examples from the 'IB Five'

Use a news site such as Google News or BBC News to find a migration related news story for each of the 5 'IB Focus Countries'.
The IB Five
Geography Review


Print, read and process your 'IB Focus Countries' news stories. Classify them as being forced or voluntary, internal (national) or international. on facebook
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