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Keyword Vulnerability
The susceptibility of a community to a hazard or to the impacts of a hazard event.
Post-Katrina School Bus
Image: Haiti Earthquake, a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivative-Works (2.0) image from unitednationsdevelopmentprogramme's photostream
What has made this girl vulnerable to a hazard event?
Geography Activities

Activities - Factors affecting Vulnerability

Geography Activities

Challenge Task

Find an extended example/mini-case study for each of the following 12 factors that affect vulnerability.

In exam conditions you should be able to give an example of each so that you can advance up the mark scheme beyond 'generalized'.


Demographic Factors

1 Size of Vulnerable Population | 2 Population Density

Socio-economic Factors

3 A Country's Level of Development | 4 An Individual's Wealth

Community Preparedness

5 Public Education | 6 Recent Hazard Events | 7 Early Warning Systems | 8 Building Codes

A Community's Ability to deal with a Hazard Event

9 Governance | 10 Effective Lines of Communication | 11 Emergency Personnel | 12 Insurance Cover
Geography Activities

Activities - Why are some sectors of the population more vulnerable than others?


Using most of the sources below produce a detailed essay plan for the following question:

For one or more hazards of your choice, explain how some sectors of a population are more vulnerable than others [10 Marks]


Children - Sichuan Earthquake, China, 2008


The Guardian
China releases earthquake death toll of children [7 May 2009]

Women - Boxing Day Tsunami, Indonesia, 2004


The Guardian
Four times as many women died in tsunami [26 March 2005]

Migrants - Landslides in Cairo, Egypt, 2008


BBC News
Egypt winds up landslide rescue [16 September 2008]

Minority Groups - Hurricane Katrina, USA, 2005


Social Science Research Council
The Geography of Social Vulnerability: Race, Class, and Catastrophe [11 June 2006]
Age Characteristics of Areas Flooded by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
Racial Characteristics of Areas Flooded by Hurricane Katina in New Orleans
This map of New Orleans shows flooding and racial demographics in September 2005 following Hurricane Katrina. African Americans were 67 percent of the total population of New Orleans, but 75 percent of the population in the flooded areas. | Source
Geography Review


Click on the 'Where they were found' map to view a larger version:
Where they were found
Where they were found | mlharges Flickr
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