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IB DP Geography Hazards and Disasters Syllabus to Annotate

Hazards and Disasters Syllabus to Annotate
Geography Activities

Hazards and Disasters Definitions and Case Studies

Hazards and Disasters Definitions and Case Studies

Geography Activities

Hazards and Disasters Exam Style Question

Radiation from Chernobyl
  1. Define vulnerability. [1 mark]
  2. Describe the distribution of radioactive pollution from the human-induced hazard that occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. [3 marks]
  3. Explain the causes of any one recent human-induced hazard event or disaster. [6 marks]
  4. Discuss how vulnerability can be a function of demographic and socio-economic factors. [10 marks]
Geography Activities

Concept Mapping Case Studies

Choose four of your case studies to include:

  • either an earthquake or a volcanic eruption
  • a hurricane / tropical cyclone / typhoon
  • a drought
  • a human-induced hazard

Write the names of your case studies, evenly spaces, across thy middle of a large sheet of paper.

Add the following terms/phrases to your sheet of paper, spaced out so there is roughly the same amount of space around each:

  • location
  • time/date
  • magnitude
  • demographic effects
  • economic effects
  • cause
  • predictability
  • responses
  • adjustments

Now connect each of your case studies to each of the terms/phrases with a line, one at a time. When you add a line, add the details of the connection between the case study and the term/phrase.

Geography Activities

IB DP Geography Hazards and Disasters Revision - The 'Bowl' Game

  1. Cut out the 20 keyword squares, fold them and put into a bowl.
  2. Students get into groups of four - made up of two teams of two. Student A and C, Student B and D.
  3. Round One: A sixty second countdown starts and student A takes a keyword from the bowl. He/she must get his/her team member (Student C) to say what is on keyword square without using the keywords themselves. Once Student C correctly states what is on the keyword square Student A takes another one from the bowl and again tries to get Student C to say the keywords. This process stops once sixty seconds ends. It is then Student B's turn for sixty seconds with his/her team mate Student D, then Student C and then Student D ... until all the keywords have been done. A score is counted per team and the keywords are returned to the bowl.
  4. Round Two: the same principal as Round One but this time it is done without words, like a game of 'charades'.
  5. Round Three: this time all that can be said is the initials of the keywords.
  6. Round Four: This time only one word can be used - but it must not be one of the keywords.
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