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Hurricanes / Tropical Cyclones / Typhoons
An Overview

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Task One: Agree or Disagree - find the evidence

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Hurricanes, tropical cyclones and typhoons are three terms for three different extreme natural events.
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Hurricanes are like tornadoes in their spatial extent.
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Hurricanes are a very predictable hazard.
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Climate change is causing the frequency of hurricanes to increase.
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Hurricanes occur on the equator.
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A tropical storm is a hurricane when the wind speed reaches 119 km/h.
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You can't out run an approaching hurricane.

Task Two: Hurricane Recipe

Recipe Book
What is the recipe for a hurricane / tropical cyclone / typhoon? What conditions are required for them to form and move? Therefore where do you find them in the world?

Task Three: Hurricane Frequency

Hurricane Frequency Graph
Bars depict number of named systems (yellow), hurricanes (green), and category 3 or greater (red), 1886-2004
Are hurricanes becoming more frequent? Make notes from this article from The Independent: Global warming is 'causing more hurricanes' [16 October 2012].
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Hurricane Predictability Essay Task

Hurricane History
How predictable are hurricanes? [10 Marks] on facebook
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