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LEDC Case Study - Recent Drought in East Africa

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Produce a detailed case study for recent drought in East Africa using the following structure.

Where did it happen?

Where did it happen?

  • A written description of the location.
  • A map of the location including points of geographical interest.
  • Can you produce a sketch map of the location?
When did it happen?

When did it happen?

  • Date.
  • Time (local).
  • Duration.
  • Include the sequence of events to show the speed of onset and the pace of management and recovery.
Why did it happen?

Why did it happen?

  • The physical conditions that caused the hazard
  • What metrological conditions caused the hazard?
Who was affected by it happening?

Who was affected by it happening?

  • What were the effects/consequences of the hazard event?
  • Categorize the effects/consequences as being:
      • Economic
      • Social
      • Environmental
      • Political
What happened?

What happened?

  • Describe the management of the hazard event - before, during and after?
  • Planning, preparation, prediction, hazard mapping, evacuation, warnings.
  • Help with recovery, aid - local, regional and international, role of NGOs.
  • Finally - produce a one paragraph summary of the hazard event.
Geography Review

Review and Homework Task

Explain the reasons for the occurrence and scale of impacts of a specific drought event that you have studied. [10 Marks] on facebook
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