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Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability

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The IB DP Geography syllabus requires you to be able to describe attempts that have been made to reduce vulnerability by spreading the risk (aid, insurance) and by land-use planning (zoning).

The following resource will help you start discussing these approaches to adjusting a population's vulnerability.


Spreading the Risk: Insurance


Spreading the Risk: Aid


Land-Use Planning/Zoning

Land-use Planning
Example table taken from Generalized Geologic Maps for Land-Use Planning in Kentucky Counties Adobe Reader file.
  Avalanche Hazard Zoning in Chamonix - Les pièces de l’IAL Sector 4
Geography Activities


Geography Activities

Collaborative Note-Taking Approach

  1. Revise: vulnerability | Aid | Insurance | zoning | 'spreading the risk'
  2. Set up three separate Google Documents called:
    • Adjustments: Reducing vulnerability through AID
    • Adjustments: Reducing vulnerability through INSURANCE
    • Adjustments: Reducing vulnerability through LAND-USE PLANNING
  3. Recap upon effective web search skills.
  4. Assign a rotation through the documents so that each person contributes notes to each document for a 'session' (a limited amount of time).
  5. Notes should include definitions of the terms, named and located examples and measures of success.
  6. A final rotation session should be given to proofing and structuring the notes. Somebody revising from the notes should be able to 'Describe attempts that have been made to reduce vulnerability by spreading the risk (aid, insurance) and by land-use planning (zoning).'
Geography Activities

Collaborative Presentation Approach

  1. Split the class into three groups.
  2. Assign each group either: Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability through AID, Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability through INSURANCE or Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability through LAND-USE PLANNING.
  3. The groups should brainstorm their given topic thinking about different hazard types, different levels of development, examples, case studies, sources of possible information etc.
  4. Each group should produce a presentation upon their topic. Google Presentations is a useful tool as each member of the group can be working on different slides of the same presentation which is stored online.
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